I had just walked in the back door of the KKYX building for my Saturday evening air shift. One of the guys that recorded the Sunday morning military public affairs program on Saturday evening greeted me and motioned for me to follow him down the hall to the Production Room stating “I’ve got something you need to hear. It’s an audio going away present for Dan.”

Before I continue, I probably need to explain a couple of things.

The reason for the going away present was that Dan Rosen was leaving KKYX for a job in a bigger market.

Dan’s on-the-air news style was laid back. I mean really laid back.

When the tape started, the first thing heard was the on-the-air announcer over the newsroom intercom “Three minutes until news time Dan.”

What followed on the rest of the tape was a great impression of Dan, which was a reply in a very calm voice “Thank you.”

Suddenly Dan starts screaming and yelling.

“I don't know what I'm going to do. Am I going to do the story on the worms or am I going to do the story of the leaves falling down from the trees.”

In the background, police radios blare forth with much more serious stories than worms and leaves.

“One minute Dan.”

Dan goes into a complete panic.

“Ten seconds Dan.”

Immediately everything becomes completely quiet. Then the KKYX News introduction starts and Dan, in his usual really laid back style, starts doing the newscast. 

Paul Kirby

Paul Kirby Note: I was told that Dan really enjoyed his going away present.

Dan Rosen Note: I'm still trying to figure out whether to lead with worms or leaves.

Audio courtesy of Rod Rodriquez.

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