Shift Changes

After surviving the infamous 1977 San Antonio Power Black Out (only my third time on the air) there wasn't an air shift that I didn't work in the KONO/KITY Newsroom. In fact, sometimes because we were short on people, I'd have to work two news shifts the same day.

When Fran Boyd left the KONO/KITY News Department (Ken Carter had left much earlier) News Director Frank Mortensen set up the following schedule. Frank did morning drive news with Don Couser and mid-day news with Bill Dante. Lee Woods followed Frank with news during Tony Raven's air shift and continued with afternoon drive news for Michael Black. I was assigned evening news with Rudy Rocha and overnight news with Darryl Taylor.

One evening I looked though the glass from the newsroom into the KONO Control Room and encountered someone new. Joe Fowler, the explosive KONO Disc Jockey I met that night in the Summer of 1979 was about to change things in a lot of ways for a lot of people.

After leaving KONO Joe became not only a very popular Sports Anchor on KSAT-TV but also a product spokesman which you can see regularly on TV today promoting various products.

Bruce Baker

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