Hear Ye Hear Ye

Being of sound mind
and Beatle filled hearts
we request the privilege
of flying to Houston to
meet the Dear Four. Why
do we want to be with
them? This is our answer:
Loved by millions, des-
pised by few, but tole-
rated by all, the Beatles
have entered the battle-
field of the music world,
conquered all opponents
and have become kings of
entertainment. Even their
warm humor sparks a glow
of contentment in the
hearts of young and old
alike. Depressing? Yes,
there is undoubtable de-
pression when we are not
exposed to them in some
way. The Beatles are our
goal. Please help us
reach them.

At the Houston Beatles Concert Don Couser and I had our 16mm camera and cassette audio recorder confiscated by Beatles Security. We had gotten them inside through our Access Pass into the Beatles Press Conference Room.

Woody Roberts

Editors Note: The above item is found in the KONO DJ Lounge.

Photo Credit: Woody Roberts

Photo Editor: Lynn Getz

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