Jack And Bill

Left to Right:  Unknown Harlandale High School student, Bill Perry, Rick Reynolds

Jack Roth considered the amount of money Bill Perry spent on KONO/KITY promotions extremely extravagant.  It was not unusual to hear Jack in a loud and long boisterous diatribe in Bill's office about the "insane" amount of money that had been spent on a promotion.

Bill always ended Jack's diatribe with the rebuttal that KONO was number one in the ratings.  KITY had very good ratings.  And...Jack was making a LOT of money ONLY because of the money spent on promotions.

All KONO/KITY promotion money completely disappeared immediately after Bill's untimely dead, September 16, 1972.  There was A Disastrous Dip In The Ratings from which KONO never recovered as long as Jack owned the station.

Photo courtesy of Bill Perry's daughter Kaye.

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