Paycheck In The Parking Lot

Soon after I had left KONO/KITY Engineering and moved across the parking lot to KSAT-TV, a job opening occurred that I thought fit Bill Kiley (Chief Engineer for KONO/KITY) so I contacted him to see if he might be interested.

Bill immediately informed me that he had no interest in a job anywhere else and that he planned to retire from KONO/KITY.

A few months later I encountered Bill in the KSAT-TV Engineering Room working on a piece of equipment. I assumed that he had come across the parking lot and was borrowing some test equipment to fix some KONO/KITY equipment.

I was in complete shock when Bill informed me that he had decided to leave KONO/KITY and was now working at KSAT-TV. I decided that it was not the time to ask why he had suddenly changed his mind about leaving KONO/KITY.

Over time I heard rumors that Bill's reason for leaving was that his paycheck had bounced. However, I was not about to query Bill if that was what had happened because it was none of my business if that actually happened.

I was visiting with Bill one day, after his retirement from KSAT-TV, when he said "You are probably wondering why I suddenly left KONO/KITY and went to work at KSAT-TV."

You better believe I was wondering!

Bill explained that one day he was outside in the KONO/KITY parking lot when he unexpectedly "encountered" a paycheck for another person who had recently come to work at KONO. He was completely shocked at how much more that person was getting paid than he was. Bill immediately walked into his office and made a call to the KSAT-TV Chief Engineer to inquire about a job opening. There was a job opening. And...The position was at much higher pay than he was currently receiving.

I loved working with Bill over the years. He helped me many times and in many ways with all things engineering.

John Ross

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