Bobby Miller

I heard an incredulous “What!” coming out of my mouth when Allen Grimm announced that he was no longer employed at KEXL.

Less than two hours earlier, just before the end of his (and my) air shift, I had called to remind him of our regular group get together later that morning at Jims on Broadway. At the time of the call, Allen had provided no indication that anything was up.

Looking at the faces of our group (Kenny Garcia, Tom Wayne, Paul Kirby) I could see they had the same reaction as I did.

As far as we were all concerned, Allen was KEXL.

I quickly remembered that I had heard Ed Tree (KITY Program Director) was looking for someone to fill an air slot. So, I asked Allen if he would be interested in working at KITY. He was. Later than day found us talking to Ed. Allen was hired.

Both Ed and Allen agreed that Allen should use a different name on KITY. After much discussion, it was finally decided that Bobby Miller would be the name that Allen would use.

Because of the extreme difference between working on KITY from KEXL, Allen got a couple of large sheets of paper and wrote “KITY” and “Bobby Miller” on them. Each time before he went on the air, Allen would place the large sheets directly in front of the audio console so that every time he turned on the KITY microphone he would be reminded of where and who he was.

A few short weeks later, things got resolved and Allen was back on the air at KEXL, where he stayed (as I understand) until KEXL as everyone knew it no longer existed.

John Steel

John Steel Note: I don’t remember the exact reason why Allen was “let go” and neither does anyone else I have spoken to about the incident.  Maybe, after reading this, someone might provide us with the missing information.

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