Leaving KITY

When I told B. Bailey Brown I was leaving KITY. His first question was 'You aren't going to another San Antonio radio station are you?' His stern and almost angry face took me by surprise.

When I assured him I was not staying in San Antonio a Big Smile covered his face.

I still remember his words 'I am so glad you are leaving San Antonio!' Then he quickly added 'But...I am still going to miss you.'

It was then that I realized his concern was because I had signed a non-compete contract when I went to work at KITY which did not allow me to work at another San Antonio Radio Market station for a year after I left KITY.

We then sat and had a long talk about Country KITY's future since KBAT had recently become KKYX and changed format to Country competing directly with KITY.

When I told him I was heading back to school he said, 'You are doing the right thing.' I wasn't sure how to take his reply. But...One thing I know for sure, I was never as good as he was!

Dennis Wood

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