Leave It Alone

Whenever possible, I liked to get my production work done before my Country KITY evening air shift. When I entered the KITY Production Room that evening, I was surprised to find B. Bailey Brown there.

B. told me he was glad to see me and that he had a tape he wanted me to listen to. The tape started. Music played. It was then that I heard my voice saying “Connie Smith...If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)…But…You wanted to play with it anyway.”

I did not remember saying the words I heard, but since it was my voice I knew I had said them.

“Jack Roth wants you fired for what you said.”

B. paused for what seemed like an eternity.

“I told him ‘No!’”

B. said that he then explained to Jack that the majority of the current KITY Playlist contained songs that inferred more than what I had said. The songs just didn’t infer, they said way more than what I had said. Jack hemmed and hawed and quietly left and went back to his office.

B. was very surprised that Jack had backed off so easily from his stance. That just wasn’t Jack!

A few weeks later we found out why Jack had backed off so easily. Country KITY changed formats back to Adult Contemporary and all the air staff was let go.

John Ross

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