Bill Kiley

March 30, 1927 - March 7, 2020

Bill Kiley (left) was the KSAT-TV Chief Transmitter Engineer when he retired. Ken Rudd (right) took over those duties when Bill retired.

The above, taken when Ken recently visited Bill, is one of the last known photos of Bill.

Bill Kiley was a wonderful person and friend. I was very fortunate to be able to speak with him on the phone many times over the past few years. He would often call me just to talk and reminisce.

Liz Houston Patranella

I was privileged to know Bill Kiley. He gave me my first job in the broadcasting industry. He hired me to work in Engineering at KONO/KITY. He was a WONDERFUL boss. He taught me how to draw a schematic (a diagram of electrical wiring in a circuit) and advised using that method before tackling any electrical project. He told me some really great war stories and I really enjoyed hearing them.

Years later I worked with him again at KSAT-TV. If we had problems with any of the equipment in Master Control, audio, the Studio or the Director's Booth we could always count on him to fix the problem.

Over the years we stayed in touch. He would call me or I would call him. We had some great conversations.

Francine Maness

Photo Credit: Photograsp by Purple.

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