Keith Allison Combo 1960

Skip Hutcheson - Hewlett Crist - John Gates - Keith Allison

In 1970s I would go out to Los Angeles and visit with my best friend Lesley Crayton (whose married name now is Lesley Clack) and her family.

When I visited we would always go to Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland and/or American Bandstand.

I remember going to see Paul Revere and the Raiders play. At that time Keith was the bass guitarist in the Raiders.

When Keith sang "Your Mama Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock n Roll" he did a little dance while he was singing and then he would look at Paul Revere with a mischievous grin.

Whenever we saw Keith he was always so nice to us and he would tease us.

I knew Keith's mom when she worked at Rhodes Department Store in North Star Mall. She worked in cosmetics and I was one of her customers.

Several years ago Keith came to San Antonio for his high school class reunion. Keith took Bruce Hathaway with him to the reunion.

My friend Lesley Clack and her husband Frank were here in San Antonio visiting me. We had spent the day downtown at the Riverwalk and came home because the weather changed. It started lightening while we were on one of the river barges. A few minutes after we got home Lesley got a phone call from Keith. He asked her if we wanted to drop by and visit with him. He was staying at the Loft on Blanco Road. Lesley and I jumped into the car and headed over to visit.

We spent about three hours in the lobby talking and laughing with Keith.

Keith and I discovered that we had mutual friends in San Antonio. That wasn't surprising to me because Keith never met a stranger. He was a very talented musician and he knew just about everyone in the entertainment business.

I was privileged to know Keith and I will miss him.

Francine E. Maness


Keith Allison (8/26/1944 - 11/17/2021):

Won 1959 KONO/Coca Cola Talent Contest.

Met future Monkee member Michael Nesmith (12/30/1942 - 12/10/2021) while both were attending San Antonio College.

Was a member of Ray Peterson's Band.

Was a member of the Crickets (Buddy Holley's Band). Keith's cousin Jerry Allison was the Crickets drummer.

Was a regular on Where The Actiion Is television show.

Was a member of Paul Revere and the Raders.

Was Ringo's Music Director.


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