His Name Is...

Back in the early sixties my old pal, Pat Tallman, introduced me to a clean-cut young recording artist who was peddling his latest (maybe even his first) record.

Pat, brimming with his youthful exuberance, was convinced that the shy, young singer was a budding superstar.  My reaction to the record was tepid as best.  Undeterred, Pat, as KTSA Music Director, placed the record on the “Must Play List.”

Somehow, after our encounter, that young hat-in-hand recording artist managed to eke out a subsistence of sorts in the music business.  The subsistence might have been barely at first.  However, since my sincere, but egregiously inept critique, he actually went to on to sell a gazillion records and make a name for himself.

Perhaps you have heard of him.

His name is…Willie Nelson.

Yes!  That Willie Nelson!

And…In spite of my early misgivings, I have become a hard core fan of this once clean-cut but now scruffy looking mega-star.

Robert O. Sinclair

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