It seemed that every time I encountered Roland (which was quite often, since we belonged to the same organization) he had some information to share with me about Gaylan.  Gaylan had a new record out that I would soon hear on the radio.  Gaylan was playing in or at…  Gaylan was opening for…  Gaylan was on tour with…

Time passed, I moved away from the Waco area and I never got to meet Gaylan.

One evening, many years later, I found myself driving toward KKYX for my weekend air shift listening to B. Bailey Brown who was on the air before me.  I loved listening to B. on the way to work because it always got me in a great mood and ready for my air shift.

Over the beginning instrumental bed of a record I heard B. say “Here’s Freddy Fender with his latest.”  A few seconds into the record I recognized it as a song written by Gaylan, Think About Me.  As soon as I got a chance during my air shift, I pulled the record and sure enough, there was Gaylan’s name as composer right under the song title.

Many years later I would find out that Gaylan wrote Think About Me at KILT in Houston (Gaylan was regularly on the Russ ‘Weird Beard’ Knight program), while waiting for someone to pick him up at the radio station.

Paul Kirby

Editors Note:  You can check out other connections that Gaylan has to San Antonio by clicking here for his official website.

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