Howard Davis

Back in the late 1950s, KMAC was located at the top of some very old and rickety stairs on the third floor of a decrepit building near the corner of Saint Mary's and Commerce Streets.  KMAC's owner, Howard Davis, was known to many media people in San Antonio as “Stinky” Davis.  What a character!  I and most others who worked at KMAC refused to take the building elevator because we were afraid it would get stuck between floors, with us in it, for an extended length of time.  Howard planned to get into television, so there was absolutely nothing on the 2nd floor.

I'll never forget one time when Howard called a staff meeting requiring ALL KMAC staff members to be present.  Even Charlie Walker and I, who were somewhat noted for "missing" staff meetings, had to be in attendance.  The meeting ended and Charlie and I were just about to leave when Howard called us back into the room.  “Just one more thing, boys.  Always remember: If this building ever catches fire and I see any one of you trying to put the fire out...You're fired!”  I will allow you to make up your own minds about his reasons for not wanting the fire put out.

Aaron Allan

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