A Night To Remember

In October 1980 I invited my listeners to meet me at a place known as The Chinese Graveyard at midnight on Halloween. The plan was to gather at the graveyard, play The Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and then attempt to conjure up the spirits of the graveyard. We then hoped that scary sounds emanating from nearby secluded bushes would spook those attending to run back to their cars.

Right at midnight, as I had asked him to do, the jock on the air played The Monster Mash. It was very eerie and spooky AND creepy as I watched good looking girls dancing to the music on the gravestones.

The Monster Mash ended and for some reason my accomplice hiding in the bushes had problems getting the tape recorder to start playing the eerie sounds I had recorded earlier at the station. So...I had to improvise the next move.

Pretending to hear strange noises in the bushes, I yelled that everybody should get out of the graveyard ASAP. There was an immediate stampede back to the parked cars.

There must have been more than 200 people who joined me at the gathering that night in “Ye Olde Chinese Graveyard” and now it was “A Night To Remember.”

Gentleman Jim Carter

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