Two Records

It seems almost impossible to have a conversation about local Top 40 music played
on San Antonio radio in the middle 1960s without the mention of two records.

The first is “No Time For You” by The Commands, which was originally released
on Abe Epstein’s Dynamic record label.  The best we have been able to ascertain
is that The Commands consisted of the following members, who were stationed at
Randolph AFB at the time of the record release:  Emanuel Gracey, Dan Henderson,
Jack Martinez and Sam Peoples.  “No Time For You” was written by band members
Dan Henderson and Sam Peoples.

The second song mentioned is “I Never Cared For You” by Homer, which was released on the
Universal Recording Artists record label.  At the time of the record release, Homer consisted of
the following members:  Pat Cosgrove, Frank Coy, Gary Crapster, Chet Himes and Galen Niles.

There are two interesting notes about Homer’s “I Never Cared For You."  The first is…Willie
Nelson wrote the song.  The second is…the guitar musical bridge is:  “In The Hall Of The
Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.

Homer photo is courtesy of Frank Coy.

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